About Us

About The Best For Your Dog

As dog owners, we know they are much more than just a pet. They are a member of your family. This is how we view our dogs, Freya and Thor. My wife Julie and I, (Chevy), strongly feel this way about them. They are 2 of our kids, and like our other 2 kids (Braxten and Chloe), we want to spoil them and give them the best we can. Because of this we created The Best For Your Dog, to help others find the best for their furry family members.

Just like when buying your kids clothes, shoes, or toys, you learn really quick not all of it is created equally. Some are better than others, and once you find the best, you stick with it. Well this is true for the things you get your dog. We have had and still are learning what is the best for them.

Our goal is to help new dog owners and even experienced ones (if we can), learn what’s best for their dogs, without having to go through all the trial and error. From training, which we are still working on with ours, to toys, bedding, and treats. We want to help shorten that learning curve for you, and save you and your new furry family member, some headache.