2017 Best Vacuums for Dog Hair

2017 Best Vacuums for Dog Hair

As many of us know, having dogs means having dog hair… on…. everything. Now, this is a small price to pay for the love and companionship our dogs bring us. We also know that removing that dog hair isn’t always the easiest task.

We have two long haired Huskies that leave enough dog hair around the house to make another dog. We have had many vacuums over the years and found that dog hair or pet hair in general, seemed to be an unstoppable force. It would stick to the carpet, stick to the furniture, it seemed that even after vacuuming, dog hair was still everywhere. So, we did our research to find out what’s the best vacuum for dog hair.

Over the years we have tried vacuums from different brands, and while they worked great for other debris on the ground, the pet hair proved to be a bit of a challenge. It usually took a good 2-3 times of vacuuming one room to get it all. We knew there had to be a vacuum out there that could do it the first time without breaking the bank.

Here are the 5 best vacuums for dog and pet hair.

Dyson Ball Animal 2


Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet

Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser

Hoover REACT Professional Pet Plus


Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet with Suction Seal

Overall Rating
Overall Rating
Overall Rating
Overall Rating
Overall Rating


Amazing suction for cleaning head and attachments.

Effortless maneuvering.

Best quality vacuum.


Great Suction and cleaning ability.

Easy to use maneuvering and handling.

Quality rivals Dyson.


Tangle-Free Brush Roll.

Easy to use maneuvering and handling.

Attachment Storage on the machine.


FloorSense™ Technology for hands-free surface adjustment.

Easy to use maneuvering and handling.

App for customization and maintenance.


Brushroll Clean to remove tangled hair from bristles.

3-Year Limited Warranty.

Attachment storage on the machine.


Switching to and from standing position is a bit difficult.

The Instant-Release Wand is a bit tedious to lock back in place.

No storage on the machine for attachments.


Limited attachment storage on the machine.

Warranty is only for eligible purchases.


Does require multiple passes to collect debris.

Inconvenient multi-surface cleaning adjustment.

Slight high pitch sound from time to time.


Does require multiple passes to collect debris.

Does scatter some debris on hard floors.

Slight higher pitch sound.


Does require multiple passes to collect debris.

Does not collect most debris on hard floors

Horrible maneuverability.

 Price Level


Price Level


Price Level


Price Level


Price Level



Dyson Ball Animal 2

Dyson has a reputation for superb quality, and their reputation does not disappoint. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is the best quality vacuum you can get for pet hair, but it does come at the highest price point of the ones reviewed.


Suction – Its suction power is incredible and the power of the rotating bristles almost makes the vacuum self-propel. You will be amazed at how much dirt and dust comes up after using it. It has an advanced self-adjusting cleaning head that automatically adjusts between different floor types like carpet and hardwood, allowing it to switch floor types mid use without losing performance.

When on hardwood or other hard surfaces, you can feel the vacuum seal to the floor, with a suction that collects everything, and takes a bit of effort to break.

Allergen Filtration – When you use this vacuum, you will notice that it doesn’t have that musty or dusty smell that you notice while using other vacuums. With its HEPA filtration system, it traps allergens and does not expel them back into the room, making it a Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly vacuum.

Handling – With the innovative ball design that Dyson is known for, the handling is quick and easy allowing you to get all areas of the floor.

Snapping it in and out of standing position can be a little difficult. The release doesn’t work as well as it could and usually takes 2-3 attempts both ways.

Noise Level – The noise level for how powerful of a vacuum it is, is actually pretty low. Compared to other vacuums it’s about the same but doesn’t have the high ringing harmonics that you notice with some other vacuums.


It comes with a Tangle-Free Turbine tool, that is great for cleaning pet hair from stairs, couches, and other furniture. It has good power and works really effectively for this type of attachment. There quite a few other attachments that you can get for different surfaces, nooks, and crannies.

There isn’t any way to store the attachments on the actual vacuum, requiring you to have to store them in in a bag. This also makes it inconvenient as you are going through the house and can’t easily switch to a specific attachment unless you are carrying the bag of attachments with you.

The Instant-release wand is fairly easy to remove, but putting it back in place is a little more difficult than other vacuums. There is a lot of lining things up, that isn’t necessarily difficult but not as easy as it could be.


Weighing 17.4 pounds the Dyson is on the heavier side of the vacuums we reviewed.


It does come with a 5-year warranty covering parts and labor, so if something breaks you are covered at no additional cost.


Approximately: $499.99 Like we mentioned this vacuum does come in on the high side for price, but you are definitely getting what you pay for.


  • Amazing suction for the main cleaning head and attachments.
  • Effortless maneuvering.
  • Included 5-year warranty.
  • Best quality vacuum.


  • Switching from and to the standing position is a bit difficult.
  • The Instant-release wand is a bit tedious to lock back in place.
  • No storage on the vacuum for attachments or tools.
  • Price is high.


Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away True Pet

Shark has made its way into the homes of Americans and for good reason. The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet vacuum tackles pet hair effortlessly and has a price point that isn’t too hard on the wallet.


Suction – It has amazing suction power, and like the Dyson, it’s rotating bristles almost self-propel the vacuum. Your carpets almost look like you just had them professionally cleaned after using it. It has bright LED lights at the base that highlights ALL the pet hair, making it hard for you to miss it. It has a convenient fingertip control in the handle to switch the settings from carpet to hard floor.

The suction on the hard floor isn’t as powerful as the Dyson but is a close second. It does have bright LED lights at the base that highlights ALL the pet hair.

Allergen Filtration – Shark uses an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® in addition to the HEPA filter, trapping 99.9% of dust and allergens. They also use two foam filters, in addition, to really keep dust and allergens from getting back into the air. Like the Dyson, you won’t notice that musty or dusty smell as you are vacuuming.

Handling – The Shark uses dynamic swivel steering, allowing it to maneuver excellently around furniture and other obstacles.

Snapping it to and from standing position is easy and you know right away that it has released or locked in place.

Noise Level – The noise level is really comparable to other vacuums. We did notice a slightly higher pitch when the canister was full, but none of that high pitch squealing you can hear with other vacuums.


It comes with the TruePet Mini-Motorized Brush which is great for using on couches and other furniture. It sucks the pet hair up leaving no trace.

There are a lot of other attachments you can order, but the vacuum only holds a few. So if you are needing multiple attachments, you will need to get a bag or something to cart the others around. For just using around the house, you should be able to keep all the necessities stored on the vacuum making an easy and fast switch while using it.

Removing the hose is easy and just requires a push of a button, and replacing it is as easy as just clicking it back in place.

(Not really an attachment, but it does come unattached and reattach?) The canister does come off allowing you to use the vacuum under beds or lower furniture, not requiring furniture to be moved.


Coming in at 15.4 pounds, the Shark is the lightest vacuum of the ones reviewed.


On eligible purchases, it does come with a VIP Lifetime Warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover certain parts of the vacuum so be sure to read through it as you should with any warranty.


Approximately: $299.99 The price of the Shark is on the upper end of the vacuums we reviewed. Its power and quality are close to Dyson but at a much lower price point.


  • Great suction and cleaning ability.
  • Easy to use maneuvering and handling.
  • Removable Canister for under furniture.
  • LED lights that make every hair visible.


  • Limited attachment storage on the machine.
  • Warranty is only for eligible purchases.
  • Price is on the higher side.


Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser

Bissel is a name we all know, and they have now made their way into the pet hair vacuum game. The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser is engineered for homes with pets, at a price you won’t cringe at.


Suction – Its suction power is pretty good and picks up most debris with one motion. It comes with a Tangle-Free Brush Roll that has fewer rows of bristles, that may cause for the second pass over. The Tangle-Free Brush Roll is great if you have long haired pets (or people), as the hair doesn’t tangle through the different rows of bristles.

It does have a multi-surface cleaning adjustment, but it is located at the base of the head in a turn-dial style, making it a bit less convenient for switching surfaces. On hard floors, its suction isn’t near as strong as the Shark or Dyson and does require a second pass over.

Allergen Filtration – This vacuum uses a Smart Seal Allergen System with Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator filter, helping to trap allergens and eliminate pet odors as you vacuum. You won’t notice that musty or dusty smell while using it, and the Febreze filter really does give the room a light clean smell. (Not like you just spritzed some Febreze, but like “hey, this room smells clean”.)

Handling – Like the Shark, Bissell uses swivel steering allowing it to easily maneuver around furniture.

Snapping it to and from the standing position works the same as the Shark and is easy to do.

Noise Level – The noise level is comparable to other vacuums. We did notice a slightly higher pitch from time to time, but nothing to really get upset about.


It does come with 3 attachments that all store on the machine itself, making it convenient and easy to switch through the attachments.

The 2-in-1 Pet Brush has rubber fingers and dusting brush bristles, allowing it to really grab the pet hair. It works great for blinds, light covers, and curtains.

The Pet TurboEraser Tool has spinning bristles that scoop up pet hair and is meant for stair and upholstery. We did notice if you were pushing too hard on the tool that the bristles would slow or stop altogether as they depend on the suction to keep them spinning.

The LED Lighted Crevice Tool is awesome. There is an LED light at the end of the tool allowing you to really see all the debris and pet hair in the crevices. It also has a rubber tip that really grabs the pet hair, making one pass all you need.

The Quick Release Wand functions the same and as easy as the Shark. To release it you just push a button, and click it back into place when done.


Coming in at 18 pounds, the Bissel is the heaviest of the vacuums we reviewed.


Comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty. Like the other warranties, it doesn’t cover certain parts and should be read over to see all that’s included.


Approximately: $249.99 The price of the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser is comparable to the Shark but depending on the bundle you select is cheaper.


  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll.
  • Easy to use maneuvering and handling.
  • LED Lighted Crevice Tool works great!
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Attachment storage on the machine.


  • Does require multiple passes to collect debris.
  • Inconvenient multi-surface cleaning adjustment.
  • Slight high pitch sound from time to time.
  • Pet TurboEraser Tool stops spinning with added pressure.


Hoover REACT Professional Pet Plus

Hoover is another name we all know and many of us had in our homes growing up. Adding an App to the pet hair vacuum game for a price right in the middle.


Suction – Its suction power is great and picks up most debris with one pass. It comes with FloorSense™ Technology, that automatically detects the surface change and adjusts the speed of the bristles accordingly. (Slower on hard floors, faster on the carpet.) It does take a second to switch and is not instant.

It does connect through Bluetooth to the Hoover App, where you can control the FloorSense™, add custom settings, track maintenance items, and more.  The app was super simple and took less than 5 minutes to install and get up and running.

On hard floors, it was comparable to the Dyson and Shark with suction power, but with solid debris (cat litter, dog food, etc.) it did scatter some.

Like the Shark, it has LED lights on the head, but they aren’t as bright as the ones on the Shark.

Allergen Filtration – This vacuum uses a Sealed Allergen System™ that contains 99% of dust and allergens. We didn’t notice the musty or dusty smell while using it.

Handling – Like the Shark and Bissell, Hoover uses swivel steering allowing it to easily maneuver around furniture.

Snapping it to and from the standing position works the same as the Shark and Bissel and is easy to do.

Noise Level – The noise level is comparable to other vacuums. It does seem to have a higher pitch sound than the other vacuums, but not quite a high-pitched squealing.


It does come with 4 attachments but doesn’t have storage for all of them on the machine. Hoover does sell little bags to store the tools that come with a hook to hook onto the vacuum.

The Deluxe Crevice Tool comes with a rubber tip and really grabs the pet the hair.

The Dusting Brush has dusting bristles and is good for blinds or light covers.

The Pet Upholstery Tool has dusting bristles and rubber fingers on it, and it works great for getting pet hair off couches and other upholstery items.

The Pet Turbo Tool has spinning bristles to collect pet hair and debris from couches and other furniture. This one depends on the suction for the bristles to spin, and we found that with added pressure the bristles slowed or stopped entirely.

The hose functions the same and as easy as the Shark and Bissell. To release it you just push a button and lift, and then click it back into place when done.


Weighing 17.6 pounds puts the Hoover on the heavier side of the vacuums we reviewed.


Has to be requested from their customer service.


Approximately: $239.99 The price of the Hoover REACT Professional Pet Plus is comparable to the Bissel.



  • FloorSense™ Technology making for hands-free surface adjustment.
  • Easy to use maneuvering and handling.
  • Pet Upholstery Tool works great for pet hair on upholstery.
  • App for customization and maintenance.


  • Does require multiple passes to collect debris.
  • Does scatter some debris on hard floors.
  • Slight higher pitch sound.
  • Pet Turbo Tool stops spinning with added pressure.
  • Limited storage for attachments on the machine.
  • The warranty has to be requested from customer service.


Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet with Suction Seal

Eureka is trying their hand in the pet hair game and is coming at a much lower price point.


Suction – Its suction power is great and picks up most debris with one pass on the carpet. It does come with Brushroll Clean, which allows you to lower a blade while the vacuum is running to scrape off tangled hair from the bristles. It doesn’t remove the hair from the runs though.

Like the Bissel, it has the turn-dial surface control. On the hard floors, the suction is still there but most of the debris can’t get past the bristles when they aren’t spinning. So, for hard floors, this vacuum was a bust.

Allergen Filtration – This vacuum uses a high-efficiency allergen filter. When using this vacuum, we did notice that musty and dusty smell you get when using traditional bagged vacuums.

Handling – Eureka hasn’t quite moved on to the pivot style vacuums we have seen from the other brands. It moves like the old school vacuums and doesn’t turn, making its handling not that great. It is also bulky and doesn’t fit under furniture at all.

Snapping it to and from the standing position is the old school method as well where you push your foot on a switch. Still fairly easy.

Noise Level – Overall the noise level is comparable to other vacuums but does seem to have a higher pitch sound than the other vacuums.


It does come with 4 attachments and has storage for all of them on the machine.

The Crevice Tool was a regular one that comes with most vacuums and worked just fine for cracks and crevices.

The Dusting Brush has dusting bristles and is good for blinds or light covers.

The Upholstery Tool has spinning bristles to collect debris from couches and other furniture. Like the Hoover and Bissel, its depends on suction for the bristles to spin. With added pressure, the bristles slowed or stopped entirely.

The last attachment is just a simple hose extension.

To use the hose, you turn a dial to the tools setting, and just remove the hose from the clip on the side.


The Eureka weighs 16 pounds, making it one of the lighter vacuums we reviewed.


Comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty. Like the other warranties, it doesn’t cover certain parts and should be read over to see all that’s included.


Approximately: $134.99 The price of the Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet with Suction Seal is the lowest priced vacuum reviewed.


  • Price is low.
  • Brushroll Clean to remove tangled hair from bristles.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Attachment storage on the machine.


  • Does require multiple passes to collect debris.
  • Does not collect most debris on hard floors.
  • Slight higher pitch sound.
  • Upholstery Tool stops spinning with added pressure.
  • Leaves a musty and dusty smell while in use.
  • Horrible maneuverability.
  • Old School design.
  • Bulky and doesn’t fit in tight spaces.

Our Conclusion

After reviewing each of the different vacuums and weighing their pros and cons we were able to determine an overall rank for each. Dyson and Shark tied for first for us. Their quality was almost identical and once you added in the pros and cons, they stayed equal with different pros and cons on each side.

Our runner up was Bissell. Its performance wasn’t too far behind Dyson and Shark but lost points when it couldn’t quite get all the debris with one pass, and a couple of inconvenient controls. Again we think it might be due to the Tangle-Free Brush Roll design not having as many rows of bristles, but still, the vacuum’s performance was great. It was similar in price to Shark and depending on the option you went with could be much cheaper. (The different options included different attachments.)

Hoover took 3rd for us, due to its slight struggle to collect all debris on hard surfaces and lack of definitive warranty. It did have some really cool extras, like the FloorSense™ technology and the App to customize the vacuum and manage maintenance. Still a very well-performing vacuum for pet hair.

Eureka took dead last and we feel for good reason. Its old-school design left it limited in its maneuvering and the bulkiness didn’t leave it ideal to get around or under furniture. It took multiple passes on the carpet and almost didn’t collect any debris from the hard floors. It did come in at the cheapest option, but remember you get what you pay for.

Our Recommended Vacuum Is…

Shark! It won it for us with its power and performance that rivaled Dyson, but at a significantly lower price tag. Either of the top 4 vacuums would make for a nice pet vacuum, but when it comes to getting the best value Shark took the cake.

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