Car Temperature Safety for Your Dog

Car Temperature Safety for Your Dog

Summer is in full swing and so are the hot temperatures that come with it. Unfortunately, with this time of year, we hear and see countless stories of dogs dying from being left in a hot car. While there aren’t any specific numbers on how many dogs die each year, we have all seen too many stories on incidents of this happening.

Unlike humans, dogs do not have sweat glands all over their bodies to help cool them. Like we mentioned in our post on Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer, dogs rely primarily on panting to release heat from their bodies, and while it helps, it’s not enough to combat a hot car.

Temperatures Rise Quickly

Temperatures in a car can quickly rise almost 20° Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes, and according to one study, cracking your windows only leaves a 2° F difference from leaving the windows completely up. Even on a mild 75° Fahrenheit day, the temperature in your car can climb to almost 95° Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes. Below you can see just how hot your car can get in these scorching summer temperatures.

Outside Temperature Inside Your Car after 10 mins

Inside Your Car after 30 mins


89° 104°
75° 94°



99° 114°
85° 104°


90° 109°





100° 119°


Because dogs can’t cool down as well as humans, they can suffer heat stroke within 15 minutes of being left in a hot car, and shortly after can suffer from brain damage or death.

If your dog isn’t getting out of the car with you when you reach your destination, then leave them home. Your dog will be much safer staying at home and won’t mind waiting for you to run your errands without them.

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